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Hidden Pain, An Insight into Childhood Sexual Abuse

Hidden Pain is about memories which are hidden and cannot be spoken about. It is a book about shame, pain, sorrow, and lives which have gone wrong both for victims, families and perpetrators’.
Sexual abuse of children especially in family is common in all communities, in all societies and yet it is still one of those taboos which may not be spoken. It is something which cannot be spoken about because it is so awful, so inappropriate that it cannot be discussed especially in such an “advanced” society as ours. And yet discussed it must be because the children are crying to be heard and pleading to helped.

The book is available through
Freedom Publishing
35 Whitehorse Road,
Balwyn Victoria 3103 Australia

Or perhaps even from myself as author,

Anne Lastman
PO Box 6094
Vermont South 3133
Victoria Australia.

The RRP is $A30 (inc. ph)
Overseas $A30 + ph

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