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Covid19 Virus or Plague?

Much has been written, spoken, reported about this new intruder into the life of this society. Its called Covid19 and declared a pandemic.

As daily reports keep coming via the airwaves though emails, news reports, internet, notices on shops, businesses, lifts, buses, door posts and all other places, we in 21st century are faced with an enemy not experienced before. Trying to come to terms with our normal liberties suddenly taken away and having to do what is determined for us as best  measure, I have realised that the modern human has not in recent memory of at least one hundred years had to account to anyone or even be forced to do as told.

The needs of the modern person, work, life activities, study, travel and even worship have been removed from our convenience and freedom and forbidden to participate. An interloper has snuck into human life and created a deep fear. dug deeply and entered our space.  An interloper which coiled through global society with such speed that it could almost be suggested that it was planned to erupt simultaneously and has remained like an overstaying guest.

Fear, a primitive emotion embedded into our psyche as a means of alert, an alarm system, which warns of danger has embedded itself into society. Fear of something fearful and dangerous. Fear as an alarm system is good.  It alerts to danger and assists in escape.  However, fear can also be destructive because it paralyses, and worse, urges decision making during a time of instability.

The daily reports of the dangers of C19, the percentages of those affected and those who have succumbed.  The 24/7 reporting of the disastrous state of society.  The losses which this virus has created. The disruption of life as we know it.  The constant negative narrative all create an atmosphere of fear and danger.

World leaders and their response to the virus have been interesting to observe.  A virus which has developed a language of its own.  “social distancing” “lockdown” “self isolation” “strict hand hygiene”  is the language spoken by all countries. This pandemic, as WHO called it, has paralysed employment and  thus crushing of nations’ employment and economy to such a degree that it may mean that some of the nations may never recover.

And with the engendered fear, the lockdown, the isolation, the social distancing, the demands that all succumb happily to the new rules of life and do as our leaders (at times power relishing) demand of us or police activity and fines imposed.  What society are we reminded of? The thought means more fear. What type of virus is this that has such power to even shut down worship? what type of virus is this that can bring society to its knees?

And why such drastic responses when the “virus” has been loitering in the background for months? why such speed for global control of all humanity? Or perhaps it’s not a virus after all.  A virus which we usually are rid of in a matter of days, but could it be instead a “plague”?  Such an ugly word and fearsome word and fear creating word.  Is this the problem? a “plague” like the ones we have heard and read about which  happened in the past? but because of global media availability the word “plague” could cause panic whereas “virus” is a regular visitor in all households and  recognised and manageable.

Unusual days, unusual times but the visitor an old intruder who has returned with a modern name and visiting much larger vulnerable humans.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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