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Jesus is Manacled before Pilate.

The imagery this brings to mind is filled with pathos. The creator of the universe tied.  This image of God and Man having his hands tied and unable to do anything or defend himself without causing a violence to order.

A reflection of this is that Jesus accepts the situation. He stands there both as me and Him with both of us having our hands tied.

Why cant he do anything? because we have bitten of the tree of knowledge.  We have demanded “choice” and now in this freedom which He gives as part of our contract for being human He cannot intervene.

At times the human creature cries “why Lord?” why didn’t you stop him/he” and to this question he shows His hands tied and He is rendered helpless.  We have chosen choice.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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