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In a very recent article (Herald Sun, Friday 9, Sept) Ms Susie O’Brien wrote that  “Porn and violence do not have a Place in our Children’s lives”
Reading this heading I thought “for once we can agree on something” Yes we can agree that pornography has no place in the life of children.  Agreed.
However, then Ms O’Brien went and spoiled it all for me by  beginning with “There’s nothing wrong with pornography when it’s enjoyed by consenting adults”  she continued with “hell I dont mind a bit myself on the right occassion”  After this I knew that Ms O’Brien and I parted company.  I understand that Ms O’Brien was commenting on the new book by Melinda Takard Reist  and Abigal Bray called Big Porn Inc but still what Ms O’Brien said  was that pornography is OK as long as you know what you are doing. And the porn business is surely growing with newer and newer victims and purveyors of this kind of show and newer victims  being used.

What is Pornography?

Pornography is the using of sexuality or the reproductive faculties in order to excite or in-lust its viewers.  And to do this via the medium of movie,video, game and using, little children, older children, men, women, animals.
Pornography demeans and  makes bestial sexuality, a great gift which is used for creation of another human being and for the enjoyment and love between a husband and wife.  Pornography does nothing to strengthen and increase love between husband wife indeed it leads to loss of respect between them and their intimacy and humanity.  Often pornography leads to violence and shows violence and sado masochism and the debasing of woman/man or child.  It leads to bestial sexuality and dishonouring the body of those involved and those who view.
Pornography desensitises human beings and slowly permits sexual perversions of unimaginable dimensions.

It has been said that pornography is “victimless” Rubbish. Victimless?
Does that mean that those “acting in the porn situations love their jobs?”  Ask a child if it loves being “touched” Ask a young woman if she loved being in the situation  used and abused.  If she feels loved and honoured and respected.  Ask a young man/boy doing his thing if he feels honoured for being a man of honour and respect.

“Victimless?”  the only individuals calling this “victimsless” are those making millions upon millions of dollars out of the humiliation/wounding of some for those  saying “hell I dont mind a bit myself sometime”
Wherever you find pornography and its “actors” you will always find sexual abuse, incest, abortion, exploitation, violence, degradation, substance abuse, emotional, physical abuse.

That momentary “excitement, lust” for someone who can say “hell I can enjoy some of it sometime” has meant that a woman, man, girl, boy,  child or even beast have been abused in order for the viewer to be excited.  Has it been worth it?
“Victimless”   Yeah right!

How does pornography dehumanise its victims? when intimacy meant for love and creation are reduced to voyeurism.  When intimate parts of the body are used with a sense use and abuse and violence.  When sexuality means that another human being is seen as less the human and his/her dignity totally removed.
Both victims and viewer are dehumanised. Both lose. Because they lose their innocence. They lose their sense of thier “Imago Dei” They lose their sense of being “human”

I wonder how those who would say “hell I don’t mind a bit of that myself” would feel  at others looking at their children in the way that he/she is looking at those “actors” in the porn movie?  I wonder..

Pornography is the brutalisation of innocence and it’s no wonder that the oversexualisation of children has reached the dimensions we have today.  It’s no wonder that abortions have reached the dimensions we have today.  It’s no wonder we have identity crisis with the young that we have today.  It’s no wonder we have confused sexuality as we have today.  It’s no wonder we have the open and wanton lust we see today without restriction and without care for the sacred development of children and the young.

Today pornography is not the domain for backyard, back alley, sleezy workers and sleezy business people in dingy rooms, but produced and luxurious surrounds and viewed in homes, in marriages, in schools, in houses of prayer.  It’s there for all to see.

We act scandalised when we hear of paedophile groups, why?  pornography is openly available.  We as a society have said “hell I enjoy a bit of it sometimes” what did we expect?  Were we foolish enough to believe that it would remain secret? and not slowly infiltrate in all domains of life?  What idiocy to think that.
Pornography is not “victimless” but its victims are preborns, post borns, young children, teenagers, men, women, and even beasts.  And who benefits?  Those who take your money and in the process destroy that image of you that is human, created just a little lower than the angels.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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