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R.I.P. Charlotte Dawson.

Abortion Pain.

With great sadness in this past week we have heard of the death by suicide of the very beautiful Charlotte Dawson, a vivacious, stunningly beautiful former model and TV presenter. A very hurting young woman, whose very public acknowledgement of her fight with depression she was happy to share.
However, when I heard the news and read and heard many words spoken about her life it, I suppose, her end came as no surprise.  I think mostly she died of a broken heart.  Really and truly a broken heart.

From what we know of her story Charlotte had adored her husband (divorced after about a year) and she never recovered from the sacrifice of the abortion she had in order not to have any impediment to her husbands dreams of winning gold medal at Olympics.  It was and is known that he took her to the abortion facility and left her there alone to undergo this experience. In her own words following the abortion she was never the same.

How tragic that those who have promoted abortion, the taking to be killed one’s own child,  do not make themselves available to  mothers who then go on to regret and grieve for their loss and at times grieve so much that life is not worth continuing, as in the case of Charlotte.

How tragic that the demands for more abortions, more and more liberalisation of of laws which might have protected both mother and child have been drowned out by those who do not have a real care for women.   This seems to say to me that voices of pain and  those who have wept and continue to weep behind closed doors over their decision, as in the case of Charlotte, are not the voices of those who have a death agenda.

It appears to me that the  voices unheard are those who have suffered grief, regret, shame, and who cannot reconcile their decision with their inner most being and what society says is “good” have been muted.

The greatest tragedy is the reality that pro abortion advocates  refuse to recognise studies which clearly indicate that abortion is not a procedure which leaves the woman unscathed  but very much wounded (see Coleman Study 2011 enormous increase d risks in all psychological  behaviours, and two recent Chinese studies 2012 and many studies linking abortion and breast cancer , depression, substances abuses, relationship difficulties).  It seems that the pro abortion groups are not particularly interested in the pain of women who hurt, so long as the killing of the children is made available and passed off as guilt free procedure. It is not.  Please listen its not.  Charlotte’s battle with depression was public but thousands and thousands of others suffer the same but alone and many end up the same because  there is a longing for the lost one. The fruit of “my body.”

How tragic that the mental health of ALL women is not important including the mental health of those who suffer as a result of the procedure which promised them an easy way out of a difficult moment  only to discover the lifelong pain bought into  It appears to me, as a long term post abortion grief counsellor,  that there is little interest in hearing the voices of  women who suffer lifelong grief, depression,  regret, like me and  tens of thousands like me.  It seems that it is
OUR voices which are not heard over the chaotic clamour made by the pro
abortion lobby.

For Charlotte I believe she has never recovered from her loss and in the end it became easier not to be present to pain any more.

The media has tried very hard to pass off her death as a result of cyber bullying and perhaps this contributed further to her vulnerability, but in her own words, from the day of her abortion she knew what depression meant and years of depression weakens the being and the strength to keep going.  Depression is a crisis of meaning and for Charlotte the “meaning” for her ceased when she couldn’t fulfil her mandate as a woman to be a Mum. Rest in peace dear lady.  I wish I could have helped you.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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