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World Congress of  Families Madrid 2012.

Attending this congress for the first time was an immense experience. It was a gathering of family organisations whose purpose is to see that the family as God designed it remains intact. A family made up of man, woman and children, and not become deconstructed into forms which are not “family”.

Listening to many speakers and experts on the importance of families for the health of societies, nations,  men, women and children, expressed and strengthened the need to be strong in this attack on the most basic law of “life” that is “life” created by the meeting and embrace of male and a female and from this a child who will lead into the future.  Every child conceived spells “future”
Whilst seeming  to be speaking to a converted audience, these congresses are important because we need to be encouraged to continue in this war against the family.

In a time when the natural family is considered “unnatural” and perhaps even despised, the World Congress of Families gathers to say NO to this, we believe that marriage is as God and nature decreed, that is between man and a woman. Other couplings may occur and indeed it is their freedom to choose same sex coupling or other couplings,  but “marriage” has from time immemorial has a meaning attached to it.  All tribes, nations, societies, times, have understood “marriage” to mean the same. Intimacy between man and a woman and from this children which lead to future.  Marriage means fecundity.  Same sex and other inappropriate coupling means sterility and no future.

The World Congress of Families and its affiliates reject the anti life mentality and beliefs by means of global abortion demands, sterility, contraception, euthanasia, indeed all beliefs which can rightly be called the culture of death.
The World Congress of Families meets to bring speakers who can expertly speak against  the new death dealing ideologies and further meet to strengthen each other and then strengthen the brethren.

From the opening ceremony through all the plenary sessions there was one theme prevalent, family and life and the only possible difficulty was that there were so many speakers that it became impossible to know who to listen to…..a little bi location might have helped here!

The Speakers were of so much note, e.g. Cardinal Ennio Antonelli (Vatican) Chief Rabbi of Madrid Rabbi Moses Bendahan, the Archbishop of Madrid and so many other eminent spokespeople intheir own fields.

The Demographic winter issue (not enough children being born to sustain the future) is frightening (Steve Mosher PRI)  Pornography (Patrick Fagan) which is destroying society through its violence and demeaning of sexuality and life.
The congress ended with a beautiful concert and handing over the reins to the next host…Australia in 2013…An important event in Australia
As I wandered from talk to talk I noted the tragedy at the heart of this era is the attack on family. Loss of awe of God and Life. Loss of respect for marital life.  Indeed I would say that there is a danger that through loss of “family” children will lose their sense of knowing who they are  and  sense ofidentity.
Children have a “RIGHT” to a mother and father.  They are designed with XY and XX chromosomes meaning male or female and need to model their life according to their genetic makeup.

This is what those who would destroy “marriage” selfishly deny or simply do not know. The genetic material is XY and XX nothing can change that.
Children have a need for a father and mother to teach them male and female models. Father to teach his son how to be a son and then a father. His daughter how to be valued as a girl child and then woman.
A woman needs to model her son and show him how to be soft for his future wife and to teach her daughter how to be a woman…these are the needs of children for their mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological health.  Children have a “right” to “good.”

Transmission of life is written into the cells of nature and belongs in marital embrace where the process of beginning of life (fusion of ova and sperm and their following dynamic) is mysterious. Therefore artificial  sterile couplings are an offence against nature and an attack against the Holiness of God and the dignity of the human person who has received “life” (mystery) from God and has value because it is inhabited/received by God.

Much had to happen to prepare the world for a human family to receive Jesus, and it will grieve God very much to have this the concept of “family” destroyed,  as at the beginning.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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