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Fatima’s Warning: The Annihilation of Nations.

The least spoken of prophecies pertaining to Our Lady of Fatima and the whole Fatima story is the prophecy of the “annihilation of nations.” Perhaps the reason for this is because this is believed to be a prophecy still to come. However, I think that whilst there is always the possibility of annihilation of whole nations through war, nuclear or otherwise, natural disaster (and possibly still to come) there has been an “annihilation of nations” every year for the past forty years, yet this has escaped our notice because of a collective societal “blindness.”

Today amongst other famines and deprivations we are experiencing a new famine and this new famine is so merciless that whole nations have died.

Behold the days are coming says the Lord

When I will send a famine on the Word

Not a famine of bread nor thirst for water

But a hearing of the Words of the Lord.

Amos 8:11-12

It is this new famine, which has annihilated the nations and is continuing to annihilate whole nations and generations. It is the famine of listening and not hearing, of viewing and not seeing that is annihilating the nations. This famine of hearing the words of the Lord brings with its own fruit, that is, a society whose ethos is “death”.

The 20th and into 21st centuries has been noted for its magnificent achievements yet it has also been marked by its crossing over the fine line between human and non human. Perhaps this is the way of humans. They simply do not know when or how to stop. For every marvellous life enhancing invention or discovery there has been its anti life counterpart. The “moon adventure” has its counterpart in the rise of immorality misadventure. The advancements in health have their counterparts in the new and more sophisticated anti life machinations. We have reached the
moon walk experiment, extended human life for those who can fund this life, and decreed that other life whether, foetal, or handicapped, unwanted, is disposable. Indeed life is so disposable and so unimportant that human genetic material can now be mixed with beast genetic material in order to create a new form of creature- An abomination.

The story of Fatima and Our Holy Mother’s visit to her children began in 1917; and since then ( 2 biblical generations later) the world has succumbed to the depravity spoken of by this visitor from Heaven. Indeed all her prophecies have come to pass. Man has, without even intending to do so, fulfilled what God had foreseen and tried to warn and prepare humanity for.

The flaming sword of Fatima, (third secret) the rays from our heavenly Mother’s hands, the falling corpses led by the Holy Father, the roughly hewn cross, the words “penance, penance, penance” should have alerted all of us that all is not well. The thrice-repeated word “penance, penance, penance” should alert us to the importance and urgency of this word. Biblical writing always stresses something important by repeating, twice, three times the word e.g. “holy, holy holy” (thrice Holy Lord God) as we today might say holy, very holy and extremely Holy, Biblical authors, simply repeated the word to alert to the importance of the word. Extreme penance is required by humanity in order to call down the graces (through Our Lady’s hands) and avoid the deserved justice of God.

The role of Mary in the plan of Salvation gives us much hope that indeed all is not lost. Where the human person is negligent and despising, Mary “fulfils all righteousness”
Where human mothers take their children to be aborted (in the proportions of whole nations-annually) the heavenly visitor, Queen and Mother, comes and gathers the unwanted children and gives birth to them in Her heavenly realm.

Our heavenly Mother always will act as the intermediary so that what the spirit of evil would occasion below, the Spirit of Holiness can reverse from above. Mary, Mother, Queen, gathers her “aborted nations” year in and year out, and mothers these children in her maternal bosom. Indeed as she gathers and holds the broken bodies of her aborted infants, abused children, abandoned children, Aids infected children, she remembers holding her own beautiful son with His body broken in her arms. Indeed both images mirror one another. 50,000,000 times per year a broken infant is held in her arms (abortion) and 50,000,000 times per year The Mother remembers.

The annihilation of the nations has been occurring (in some nations legally) since the Roe v Wade law which declared that infants in the womb are not human till today they can now be aborted to full term. A whole large nation annihilated every year. This is the unseen nation. Every nation lost annually is 2 ½ times the size of the population of Australia so indeed it is a large nation,.

The Queen of Heaven came to Fatima to advise, help, to warn. As at Cana in Galilee (Jn 2:1-11) Mary exercises, on behalf of her children her role of Mother and Queen. As queen Mother her advocacy cannot be denied her by her Son/King (1Kgs 2:10 ). She came to intercede for an on behalf of, not only the annihilated nations (victims) but also those who would annihilate them. The Queen Mother came to Fatima to intercede just as surely as she interceded at Cana. The Queen Mother came to Fatima just as she came to Calvary, to hold broken children in her arms. She came to gather the harvest of souls “despised and rejected by men” (Is.53:3) and to call for thrice deep contrition and penance. The Holy Mother came not to call attention to the fantastical but to call attention to the loss of millions upon millions of human beings through human malice rather than divine intention.

Indeed the “annihilation of nation” is occurring before our eyes yet we are not seeing.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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