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Pope Francis.

Flooding my email and post box are “end time” materials which I understand are to correct me on my stance regarding His Holiness Pope Francis, and these materials are to enlighten me. I don’t like what is happening to His Holiness Pope Francis. In fact I hate it. I think that this is why some of the tears of the Holy Mother. The confusion which has emerged as a result of Benedict “retiring.” He returned the cross to Jesus and said it’s too heavy.

I remember when he was elected, on the balcony he said “pray for me that I may not flee from the wolves” Well he fled from the wolves. Yet now he remains visibly around the Vatican making public comment and undermining Pope Francis. If he decided it was too hard he should have disappeared. THERE WAS ONLY ONE “PETER” NOT TWO. Jesus gave the Keys of the Kingdom to “Peter” and said to him “I give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven” Mt 16:19.

Benedict changed the nature of the papacy. He made it into a job just like any other job. Like any job where one can retire at 65-70 years of age. Or if one doesn’t like ones job you quit or if your boss doesn’t like you he fires you. A job. Peter’s charism is NOT a job. It is the continuous spirit which governs and accompanies the Bride of Christ along the journey towards the kingdom and her groom Jesus.

St John Paull II remained Pope (Papá) Shepherd until the moment of his death and his flock waited with him till he died. He didn’t abandon them and they didn’t abandon him. He was so close to his flock “he smelled like them” (words of Pope Francis).

My friend Chris quoted to me the Blue Book Our Lady Speaks to her Beloved Priests and says he follows her: Perhaps he hasn’t read pages 276, 277 ‘This interior division is expressed by the tendency to leave to himself and to abandon, so to speak, the very Vicar of Jesus, the Pope, who is son particularly loved and enlightened by Me. My mother’s heart is wounded to see how the silence and neglect of my children often envelop the words and actions of the Holy Father, while he is increasingly struck and impeded by his adversaries.
Because of this interior division, his very ministry is not sufficiently supported and furthered by the whole church whom Jesus has wanted to be united about the successor of Peter.

My, motherly heart grieves to see how even some pastors refuse to let themselves be guided by his enlightening and trustworthy words.
The first way of being separated from the Pope is that of open rebellion (see the four cardinals and their open rebellion and taken hundreds of thousands with them which has nearly led the schism.) But there is also another way, more subtle and dangerous. It is that of proclaiming one’s unity openly but of dissenting from him interiorly, letting his teaching fall into a void and, in practice, doing the contrary of what he says.

What must you do? Become a hidden seed, ready even to die for the internal unity of the church.

And so I am leading you each day to a very great love for, and fidelity to the Pope and the Church united with him.”

Yes the smoke of satan has entered the church but not through Pope Francis, it entered long before that and it is Francis’ job to remove or clean out the smell of the smoke.

It has been thrown at me Fatima and the third Secret etc. I don’t see it the way it’s interpreted and written, but I see the third secret and Our Lady’s horror, as something different. I think the third secret which dares not be known is not about Amoris Laetitia, or communion to the so called “adulterers” or other sinners but it’s related to two popes, 2 Peters. Impossible.
Two symbolic males as “father”. This is a sign of gay movement achieving their desires at the very top. Benedict either wittingly or unwittingly made this happen by resigning and another take his office (Ps 109:8 Acts 1:15-26). As satan approached “Peter” (Benedict) he did not rebuke him but responded to the insinuation to quit. Thus leaving the chair of Moses, now the Chair of Peter, empty until another was found. TWO POPES is the secret. Jesus appointed one Peter only and handed him the keys. There is a famous painting depicting this, not two. Two priests in white bearing the name of Pope. Our lady foresaw this.
The teachings of the church are guarded and protected by the magisterium and the chief interpreter” Peter” under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If this is not so then “the gates of hell have prevailed” (Mat 16:18) and Jesus is found to not have protected His Bride, and weaker than satan.
Throughout history there have been Holy Popes and unholy ones but none of the unholy popes wrote, or declared anything, any teachings, because these teachings are protected by the Holy Spirit and the not so good popes were too busy having a good time to bother writing anything for the flock.

Neither has pope Francis taught error. He is bringing into the fold a whole vineyard (Mat 20:9) who have not been hired. He is bringing in the 99 lost whilst leaving behind the 1 who is not in danger. The good vigneron takes good care of all labourers even those who work one hour.
Today there are two “fathers” leading the household/kingdom and the politics of this vision are dangerous, and not pope Francis. He is not the cause of the division but another is. The other has to go or there will not be stabilisation at a time when “marriage” or conjugal life is demanded to be changed and legitimised and is the greatest challenge to ever face society, and a time when life is devalued and declared negotiable. During these times the Church is in a state of confusion by itself leading the visible change, with its, “2 Fathers.”

The teachings of “Peter” are protected by the Holy Spirit and ensured that this is so, however, the words of “apostles” are not so. This is why the confusion. The influence of others is held true whilst “Peter” is being in contempt.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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