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Rights & Equality.

Over the past 50-60 years the word “rights” has gathered so much momentum that today whenever there is a desire to change something the word which will send shivers through spine of legislators is “rights.” It’s my “right” to abort. It’s my “right,” to call myself male when I am biologically female. It’s my “right” for me to evolve into any of the prescribed hundreds of newly founded and named genders. It’s my “right” to have myself euthanized. It’s my “right” to suicide if and when I want to and if I can’t carry out my suicide then it’s my “right” to demand that someone does it for me. All of this because of my dignity and so I can die with dignity and so I can be who I am with dignity and so on and one and on.

On the rights issue is the reality that children lose their right to know surely and securely who their mother and father, and all their preceding generations are. That they were not just placed in a gestational carrier, or artificial womb and then handed over to someone who ordered their “life” But have a mother who has carried them in her body beneath her heart, and a father who has engendered their life and to be protector.

Children have a right to a father who will model manliness for them. To a son will be shown how to be a boy and then a man and to daughter the type of man she chooses for the future because her father was a wonderful role model.

The transmission of life is written in the cells of each parent and they complement one another to give life, and this belongs in the human race to a man and a woman, irrespective of what “rights” are demanded.

Right to die when I say I want to die. I also demand that another help me in my dying. Irrespective of the fact that the other has then to live with the fact that he/she did the pulling of the plug or helped with poisons administered and you died.

And what about those who are not ill but simply want to jump ship because it’s a bit hard. Their desires must also be same as the others’ who have the right to the demanded rights.

Then there is the emerging new word is “equality” Ah yes!! The new word which has found favour with the light, green, different “rights” seeking mob.
” I demand to be recognised in my same sex “marriage” because otherwise my rights will be trampled on and I will be seen as different and I won’t be equal to everyone else. It’s even my right to be seen as equal and to have my relationship accepted as equal as the rest of society. I demand this right to equality. Even television commercials tell us that we are not equal until everyone is equal.”

It’s characteristic of a group of people which is blinded by tragedy which has befallen them. These people have created a new tower of babel. The confusion which these two new words, “rights” “equality” is causing is nothing new but a return to primitiveness. Returned to re-create the voice of babel again. This voice cannot be understood and a disconnection from life and vulnerability and loss of pure joy and even the certain knowing of definite rights and definite equality.
At the core of the tragedy which has befallen modern times is the rejection of God, which has then led to rejection of life first in the infants, and now demanded for the disabled, elderly, frail. The loss of awe for life. Those who would destroy life at every stage and for whatever reason have already lost the idea of “awesomeness” which is life.

Those who argue for cheap life have lost the sight and understanding of that mystery called life.

Marriage, sexuality, stability, complementarity, all of which are designed for life are in danger rendering children, who are the future, to be in grave danger and other vulnerable individuals also in danger.

Anne Lastman

Anne is a qualified post abortion grief counsellor and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in this area for nearly 30 years. Over the years Anne has developed a recovery strategy, which works well for those who persevere with the programme. Anne continues to study post abortion grief and the related, sexual abuse grief, which manifest with similar symptoms.

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